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What we're Looking Forward to in 2021

As we go into another lockdown and offer just our takeaway service once again, we wanted to talk about something other than that, so we thought we would share a little taster for the year ahead.

We want to insert a little positivity to what has been a rather rubbish start to the New Year and we hope this helps make your days a little brighter too.

To start with we look forward to having a new and improved Arabian Lounge. You may be surprised to hear, but the old marquee is gone! (It was falling apart a little bit). Our plans include a brand new marquee with an entrance that doesn't blow about in the wind! It will still maintain all the charms of our old Arabian lounge with the colourful seating and drapes but it's going to be a little warmer and quite a lot more waterproof. We are hoping... weather dependent, that this will be up and running before lockdown 3.0 has run its course.

So fingers crossed for a little bit of snow, so we can go sledding but not too much snow so we can get re-constructing...

A resolution we have made is to ensure our menu is changed much more frequently. We want our customers to be able to enjoy all of the amazing Middle Eastern Cuisines our Chefs can offer. So be ready for some delights to come!

For the next addition we'd like to make, we need your help.

We would love to be able to start offering cookery courses. This may need to wait until the summer, when things are a little safer and we could do it in our Arabian Lounge or even outside to ensure distancing guidelines are followed but how does a Baklava making class sound? We would love some feedback on this idea? Would you be interested in this? What would you be interested in learning how to make? We are really excited about this idea and actually credit one of our lovely customers for bringing the possibility to our attention.

And finally, we want to wish, not only our business but every business moving forward into this year good luck.

All the restaurants, pubs and bars in similar situations to ours, all the small business owners who don't know if they're coming or going, all those who work in or alongside the theatres and the arts, all the self-employed who have had to find other jobs to do to keep on their feet. And everyone else (it would be a long blog if we tried listing them).

We commend you all and hope in the year to come, we will all be back doing the jobs we love.


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